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CalcExp Calculator&Unit Converter 1.3

CalcExp Calculator&Unit Converter 1.3: A Scientific Calculator,Unit Converter,Currency Converter,and Color Converter. calculators. CalcExp runs on Windows 2K/XP/Vista, MacOsX, Linux, and Solaris. The main features are: 1. All-in-one Calculator: Can be a good alternative to the system build-in calculators and hand-hold calculators. It makes your calculating faster and safer. 2. Powerful Number formatting: You have many options to choose for formatting the result number, such as: Locales, Fraction Digits, Scientific Notation, Hexadecimal Displaying, etc, while the

UCon: Integral Scientist Units Converter 1.42: Units conversions, 33 categories, complex unit entry, calculator, import/export
UCon: Integral Scientist Units Converter 1.42

Professional units conversions for scientist and engineers, 33 categories of measure, over 14,000 valid conversions, rigorous algorithm for precise accuracy. Enter individual parts to calculate compound units, calculate components of compound units, built-in scientific calculator, easily import and export values, values and units or entire conversion to and from clipboard, save and recall common conversions, easily lookup unknown units

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A+ Calc 2.0: A+ Calc is a scientific calculator with an edit display to alter calculations
A+ Calc 2.0

A+ Calc is a scientific calculator with a multi-line edit display that shows all calculations and allows editing and recalculating equations. A+ Calc includes hexadecimal, statistics, and unit conversion tools, and calculation save and load capability. Trial use only applies to premium features, most features are available free of charge. View, edit and recalculate with new values and/or operators. Simple uncluttered user interface.

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Deadbeat Millionaire 1: Deadbeat Millionaire Scientific Calculator for profits
Deadbeat Millionaire 1

Deadbeat Millionaire Scientific Calculator for profits allows you to use advanced calculation functions.

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MxCalc-4-in-1 - PocketPC Calculator 1.1: The best selling program for engineers now with new reference tables & Evaluator
MxCalc-4-in-1 - PocketPC Calculator 1.1

MxCalc is a 4-in-One Utility tool. It comes with a Unit Converter, Scientific Evaluator, Loan Calc. & Amortization table. Upgrade from any unit converter, loan calculator, Amortization calc. program which you are currently using and get additional discount of $2. Also get Free Updates. Unit Converter, Scientific Evaluator. Function Categories Functions Loan Calculator Amortization Table and more..

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tApCalc Suite, Financial,Accounting,Scientific tape Calculators (Arm,xScale) 1.44: Financial,Accounting,Scientific tape calculator allowing save,edit,rerun,beam
tApCalc Suite, Financial,Accounting,Scientific tape Calculators (Arm,xScale) 1.44

tApCalc Suite is a handy calculator value pack for Pocket PC. It contains all 3 calculators i.e. tApCalc Desk, tApCalc Finance and tApCalc Scientific. All 3 calculaors provide. - Paper tape to save,load,edit,run calculations done before - Print and beam options for paper tapes - Easy access to all 3 calculators from New menu - Preferences specific to functionality - They provide all standard Financial,Accounting, Scientific keys

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CalculatorX 1.2 .6688: CalculatorX - The Enhanced Expression Calculator
CalculatorX 1.2 .6688

CalculatorX has the unlimited ability to extend itself by using Custom Functions. You can add your own functions to CalculatorX in order to convenience your work. CalculatorX is powerful, but it is very easy to use. You can use it as any calculators you have used. Make Work Easy and High Efficiency by using CalculatorX. Here is just a short list of CalculatorX`s major features: - Arithmetic operation - Logic and Bitwise operation - Relation operation

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